Enjoy a look back at past Tour highlights

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Learning about seed collection and preparation at the Ackerman Native Plant Nursery, Catalina Island


Do not disturb. Eagle-spotting in progress!

IMG_3264 (1)

Learning about Catalina Island geology at the Nature Center in Avalon Canyon


Eagle-spotting with Captain John King


Pimu, IWS's non-releasable Bald Eagle at Middle Ranch aviary


Ya gotta have friends!


Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) is home to the Rattlesnake bald eagles and a beautiful waterfront. Nest in tree on far left.


The CIMI greeter

13497772_1143908568994142_8729149679679727810_o (1)

Aboard the Miss Christi en route to USC Wrigley Marine Science Center!


Catalina Island fox visitor

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Morning adventure on the water

2015 Tour "Eagle Cam Addicts"

Marine Mammal Care Center's Chris Nagle

Examining marine mammal skulls

Mascots abound at ECA for IWS activities

South Bay Wildlife Rehab staff with non-releasable Red-tailed Hawk, Xena

Always something to learn!

Examining prey remains

Presenters and participants enjoyed lunch and discussions


Dr. Peter Sharpe's presentation on IWS eagle and peregrine programs

Eagle Cam Addicts for IWS and friends with feathers

International Bird Rescue facility

Dr. Becky Duerr explains the features of this exam room at International Bird Rescue.

Brown Pelicans preparing for eventual release

Our favorite, Captain John King, and the Catallac!

Dolphins always get our attention


Eagle territory!

Scanning the Two Harbors nest territory for an eagle sighting

Treasured friendships, new and old, make the weekend special.

Catalina Island stop to visit the Pennington Marine Science Center

Pennington Marine Science Center at Emerald Bay Boy Scout Camp was our land-stop on Catalina.

Laughing, but still learning!

The shark and ray touch tank was fascinating!

Ready to head back to the mainland

The 2015 Tour may end, but the memories continue to soar.

Catalina Island view

Institute for Wildlife Studies Bald Eagle Restoration Program's island home

Stephanie and Hydi

IWS biologist Stephanie Jijon feeding quail to Golden Eagle "Hydi" on the 2012 tour to Middle Ranch, Catalina Island

Hands up!

Bus trips from Avalon to Two Harbors on the 2012 and 2013 tours brought out the 'high fives'.

Avalon Harbor
2013 Lunch Speaker Marge Gibson

Raptor Education Group, Inc. founder and director Marge Gibson provided education on eagle rehabilitation.

The Bison Brothers

Catalina's iconic bison love to be on camera.

Marge Gibson of Raptor Education Group, Inc. and Sandra Hunt-von Arb, wildlife biologist, enjoyed the 4th Annual ECA for IWS Tour in 2013.

Two Harbors Joy!

Bald eagles soaring over the Two Harbors territory: PRICELESS!

Eagle on!

What's it all about? The Bald Eagle!

Friday Dinner View

Ports o' Call Restaurant on the Main Channel of the Port of Los Angeles

Peregrine monitoring

IWS now monitors the Peregrine Falcon population on the Channel Islands, in addition to the Bald Eagles.

Beach lunch

Cabrillo Beach - the perfect location!

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium's "pet shark".


A microcosm of local marine life.

2014 ECA Group

Eagle Cam Addicts for IWS semi-official portrait for 2014

The Giant Kelp Lesson

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium educator and biologist Jim DePompei teaches about the mini-ecosystem in giant kelp root systems.

Velella velella

Investigating this "sailor of the sea" up close.

Lab time

Microscopes! Organisms! Animals! Oh my!

Catallac and Capt'n John

The 2014 tour included a charter trip on Afishinado's Catallac to the West End and Two Harbor eagle territories.

Captain John King

Great boat, great captain, great day!

"I spy..."


Aquatic acrobats
West End wonders

Travelers get their first look at the West End territory and camera set up, then wave to the online viewers.


Two Harbors eagle landing on a favorite perch.

Catallac on the cam

A shout-out to the IWS viewers on the Two Harbors live cam was 'captured' in this shot.

Happy Addicts