Experience, learn, act.


Experiencing the natural world and learning about environmental impacts on ecosystems promote knowledge, understanding, and action to protect these places and the species that live there.


Growing from a casual lunch among eagle cam viewers in 2011 to a full weekend of events beginning in 2014, the annual Eagle Cam Addicts for IWS Tours offer bald eagle enthusiasts the opportunity to learn about our national bird and the environment in which they live on Southern California's Channel Islands.  In 2018, BEAR Foundation programs are expanding to Wisconsin with the Birds Up Close and Personal Tour.


Weekend programs include a selection of experiences and activities such as guest speakers, Catalina Island eagle viewing, avian rehabilitation facilities, and local natural history and marine science tours. 


Even with a weekend filled with activities, there's still time to explore on your own, to enjoy the company of wonderful folks, and to relax in the local setting.


In short, what's it all about?  Nature, education, experiences, friends, fun!